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If you don't see a date that fits your schedule, contact us and we will try to accommodate your preferred date!

We have 12 different cooking classes available please see below for cost per person.


With minimum class size of 4 people, and For class sizes larger than 10 guests we have to book a different venue at a cost of $250/class (that can be split by the number of guests or paid in full by the person making the booking) we also require a second chef assistant at $200.

Class Names- Cost/per person below. Our available Public Class Dates Below descriptions. For private requests shoot us an email

Spanish Tapas & Paella $105/pp, with meal at the end

Learn to create Spanish dishes to share with friends and family in this hands-on class. Join Chef Maggie as you discover how to prepare and serve classic tapas. Flipping a classic Spanish tortilla, followed by a Spanish-style bruschetta and saucy albondigas (meatballs). Next, discover the secret to creating the perfect Spanish paella with juicy chicken infused with garlic, lemon and saffron, before preparing a beautiful platter of sweet, cinnamon-dusted churros.

Macarons $85/pp, take home

Master the art of macaron-making. In this French baking class, you’ll learn the art of making delicate macaron shells in different flavors and fillings ranging from citrusy to chocolatey. Bring a container to take home a dozen macarons.


Taste of Thailand, $95/ with meal at the end

Journey to Thailand and discover fresh regional ingredients and the traditional flavors of Thai cuisine. Begin the meal with a bright green papaya salad with spicy dressing and a creamy tom kha soup. For the main course, Chef Maggie combines chilies, vegetables, peanuts and Thai basil with your choice of protein for a classic Panang curry. Finish the meal with a traditional Thai dessert of sweet mango and coconut sticky rice.


Lord of the Rings $125/pp, with meal at the end

Gather the group for a fellowship feast! Bring the spirit of the elves, hobbits and dark creatures to your table in this Lord of the Rings-inspired cooking class with Chef Maggie or Tyler.  Your adventure begins as you assemble endive bites topped with poached pears, and home-baked herb lembas bread sweetened with honey. Then, prepare an entrée of dwarf chops, we mean Lamb chops, served with roasted beets or crispy potaTOES. Let the sweetness come back to the Shire with Blackberry Tarts from Brie!


Handmade Pasta $115/pp, with meal at the end

Turn your crew into amateur pasta chefs with a little help from a kitchen maestro. Your team is in for a treat with this pasta-centered team building cooking class. Chef Tyler leads the gang through the traditional methods for turning fresh, wholesome ingredients into handmade pasta and a savory selection of fillings and toppings. You’ll be greaeted with fresh basil and tomato bruschetta. Then, everyone gets creative with pasta and sauces, preparing agnolotti stuffed with bolognese or mushroom sauce and pappardelle topped with pesto alfredo. And to finish off the fun evening, you’ll haver an Italian grandma-approved dessert, torta della nonna!

Vegan Delight $85/pp, with meal at the end

Explore the wonderful world of vegan ingredients with these fresh takes on your favorite dishes. Begin with a classic comfort food dish of macaroni and cheese with a cashew cream and roasted poblano peppers. Next, you'll use earthy beets in two ways and finish with a fun “raw cheesecake.”  

Chocolate Making $115/pp, take home

Learn to make your very own chocolate bonbons. In this hands-on chocolate-making class, Chef Maggie will provide you with an insightful lesson on the origins of chocolate and teach you how to craft it yourself. You'll learn how to temper chocolate expertly to form proper crystallization, and you'll get to take home plenty of chocolate and truffles to share with your friends.


Healthful Kava & Adaptogen Essentials $105, with meal at the end

Introduce the healthful benefits of these superfood ingredients into your daily routine. If you're looking for a new way to bring healthy ingredients to your regimen, this informative cooking class with Chef Maggie is for you. She'll show you a selection of delicious recipes that feature adaptogens and fresh plants that help fight stress.
Your lesson starts with a flavorful citrus kava mocktail served alongside a savory hummus snack board. Harness the superfood goodness with a mocktail to enjoy with your homemade mahi mahi ceviche. Moon milk and tender scones serve as a dessert lesson to ground you.

FRIENDSgiving $105/pp, with meal at the end

Channel your inner Monica and Rachel with this class based on the cult classic TV show. This “Friends”-themed cooking class. Chef Maggie will guide you in preparing dishes made famous in the Thanksgiving episodes of the show to impress your guests.
Begin by creating Monica’s infamous sweet potato-stuffed pumpkin for a savory appetizer. Then, roast juicy chicken breast with a tangy apple cider glaze and crispy pomegranate-studded Brussels sprouts with olive oil on the side. For dessert, indulge in Rachel’s “traditional” English trifle layered with fresh berries, pound cake and vanilla custard — no beef, peas or onions in sight.


The Art of Momo Dumplings $105/pp,with meal at the end

Prepare a traditional Nepalese dumpling. In this hands-on cooking class, Chef Maggie will teach you how to prepare one of Nepal’s most popular dishes — momo dumplings!
Traditionally filled with meat or vegetables, she will teach you how to prepare three styles of Momo: Steamed with spinach, cabbage and carrots; fried with chicken, garlic and onions; and, for dessert, filled with a chocolate ganache. You'll also cook a comforting lentil soup spiced with turmeric and an herb green sauce with cilantro and chili to pair with your savory dumplings.


Stunning Charcuterie $105/pp, take home

Gather your team for a show-stopping charcuterie boards! Learn how to pair cheese, create works of art from produce and more in this culinary team building class where you'll build stunning charcuterie boards with Chef Maggie. First, you'll join a buttery goat cheese with honeycomb, creamy burrata with salty prosciutto, and firm Manchego with olive tapenade. After making homemade chocolate truffles enjoyed with smokey blue cheese, Chef Maggie will teach you how to craft gorgeous garnishes from fresh fruit and vegetables, prepare a quick strawberry jam and a crunchy honeycomb treat. You will each take home your garnishes along with a custom wooden board so you can recreate this delicious experience anytime!


Classic Turkish Fare $105/pp, with meal at the end

Explore Turkey's abundant culinary history through food. while hand-making its classically rich cuisine. In this hands-on cooking class, Chef Maggie will guide you on a historic tour of the Ottoman Empire through the creation of five dishes unique to the Cappadocia region.Start with an appetizer of grape leaves filled with rice and spices, known as yaprak sarmasi. Next, discover the essence of an authentic Turkish meat pie made with sweet chili paste and ground beef, and form your own manti dumplings with a side of grilled vegetables. Finish with the densely sweet dessert of Turkish delights.


Elf Inspired Sweets $115/pp, take home

Learn Buddy the four main food groups of sugar based on the movie Elf.
Begin by learning how to craft fresh candy corn with powdered sugar, vanilla and other sweet ingredients. Next, create your own syrup to enjoy over pancakes — or a plate of spaghetti, just like Buddy. Prepare sweet candy gummies that everyone will enjoy, then end the class by learning how to handcraft a traditional holiday favorite: Candy canes with peppermint extract.

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